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     I would like to invite you to our colleague by introducing a part of our research. We developed our method MRI as father and BFTC as mother. The point is the interaction.

    We took this as the name of our laboratory. Our recent research reached to an opinion that it is enough to take the focus of support to the communication management in many solving problem cases. After wards, we are only to support the person in concern so that they can do it pleasantly. We consider theoretically that an intervention of parent痴 click of fingers at some point will be just enough for the children who act violently at home. We have presented part of this abroad, and have got a favorable comment for it.

The President : HASEGAWA, Keizo

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The adviser : ENOMOTO,Kazu

We are recruiting new trainees. The contents of practical training course is mainly a study of live sessions. For more information please write to our office.